+ T H E  R E D E E M E R +
THE REDEEMER is an award-winning short film written and directed by Harry Locke IV, that serves as both a standalone project and a visual proof of concept to SWEETWATER INSURRECTION. Filmed over a three day period in Sonora, California, THE REDEEMER premiered at the 2019 Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival in the Regal LA Live theater. Following the film's successful launch, it went on to play at several esteemed film festivals across the country, racking up numerous nominations and awards in the areas of producing, directing, acting, cinematography, and production design. 
The film has also received remarkable reviews from several established film publications, including: UK Film Review, Short Films Matter (formerly known as Think Shorts), The Hemline, and a "Daily Pick" selection from the popular online streaming site Film Shortage. It is publicly available to watch on Youtube (below) where it has amassed over 50k+ views.​​​​​​​
While THE REDEEMER was produced prior to the inclusion of historical elements that have been introduced in the script of SWEETWATER INSURRECTION,  the short still serves as a stout sample to not only the style and tone its feature counterpart looks to achieve, but also a perfect introduction to the story's primary characters.
Robbie Allen leads the talented cast as JACKSON, and is joined by Shiah Luna as MOON (who is envisioned as a vengeful Comanche widow in this version), Alain Azoulay as WILLIAM, and Stefanie Estes brings to life Jackson's baleful half-sister BRONAGH. 
THE REDEEMER was lensed masterfully by cinematographer MATTHEW HALLA, a 3 X Emmy Award and Panavision Grant Award winner. The film's score was written and composed by BILLY JUPP, an award-winning and BAFTA recognized composer based in the UK. THE REDEEMER: ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK is available for streaming on Apple Music and Spotify
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